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Week from 02-SEP-2012 to 08-SEP-2012.

2. Select a room.

GAREY 007B -Communications Conference Room
GAREY 029 -Communications Dept.
GAREY 029A -Black Box Studio
GAREY 029B -Studio Control Room
GAREY 029C -Studio Control Room Vocal Booth
GAREY 029D -Documentary Lab
GAREY 030 -Communications Dept.
GAREY 030A -Classroom
GAREY 030B -Media Lab
GAREY 030C -Media Lab Observation Room
GAREY 030D -Multimedia Lab
GAREY 101 -Classroom (39 seats)
GAREY 101A -Seminar Room (16 seats)
GAREY 101B -Classroom (39 seats)
GAREY 102 -Seminar Room (24 seats)
GAREY 102A -Classroom (42 seats)
GAREY 103 -Theatre Department
GAREY 104 -Honors Conference Room
GAREY 114 -Honors Seminar Room
GAREY 115 -Honors Seminar Room
GAREY B03 -Seminar Room - 24 seats
GAREY B05 -Seminar Room - 24 seats
GAREY B07 -Communications Dept Conference Room
GAREY B10 -Classroom - 27 seats