Computer Science 1700 - 100 - course 32217 - Spring 2018

Analysis of Algorithms

There are currently 17 students enrolled in this course. The maximum enrollment is 24 possible students.This course is offered by the Computing Sciences departmentin the College of Sciences . It is classified as a Lecture, and is worth 3. It meets on Mondays, from 06:00 pm to 07:15 pm in Mendel Hall G87. It meets on Wednesdays, from 06:00 pm to 07:15 pm in Mendel Hall G90.The course is instructed by Damian, Mirela.

Course description:

Efficiency classifications and mathematical analysis ofrecursive and nonrecursive algorithms; design techniques:brute force, greedy, divide-and-conquer, dynamicprogramming, backtracking, branch-and-bound, space andtime tradeoffs; NP-completeness; approximation algorithms;computational problems: sorting, searching, stringprocessing, graphs, arithmetic, linear algebra.